26 year-old Elena Semikina is the newly crowned Miss Universe Canada 2010

Miss Universe Canada 2010

TORONTO, ONTARIO - June 14th - Elena Semikina (R), a 26-year old model from Toronto, was crowned Miss Universe Canada 2010 out of 62 beauties competing for the title. The contest took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on June 14th.

The 1st runner-up was Aleksandra Malkin, while the 2nd runner-up was the Cree community representative, Ashley Callingbull. Neda Derakhshanfar and Zarah Al-Aubiydy completed the Top 5 finalists.

As a new trend in beauty pageants, this year edition of Miss Universe Canada was not free of controversy. Yemeni-born Maria Al-Masani made headlines when declaring she would cover herself up during the swimsuit competition; then, newscasts had a field day when contestant Tiffany Munro linked poverty and malnutrition with Africa; and finally, Sophie Froment, from Montreal, was disqualified after it was discovered she shot a video campaign -nude- for a website that encourages extramarital affairs.

1.86 m tall Elena will now represent Canada at the 2010 Miss Universe contest in Las Vegas, on August 23rd.
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Elena Semikina


Elena Semikina is currently completing her studies at York University with a focus on Marketing and Finance. In addition to her school workload, she is also enrolled in oratory, neuro-linguistic programming, acting and dance classes. Fitness and daily workouts play an integral role in helping Elena to maintain a well-balanced life.

This business savvy individual is currently translating her vast experience (6 years) in the corporate world and her passion for arts and fashion into the creation of her own shoe line. Her greatest ambition in life is to become a successful communicator who specializes in eco-marketing.

Elena believes that our words and actions can inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.

Elena Semikina was crowned Miss Universe Canada 2010 at the Finale that has just finished. Elena Semikina will represent Canada in Miss Universe 2010 Pageant in Las Vegas starting on 23 August.

Elena Semikina of Toronto, Ontario is 26 year old and stands 1.86 m. Semikina, who already joined the same pageant in 2008 is a student of York University, taking up Marketing and Finance and currently enrolled in oratory, neuro-linguistic programming, acting and dance classes.

Elena Semikina Crowned Miss Universe Canada 2010

Miss Universe Canada 2010 Elena Semikina

Miss Universe Canada 2010 final results:
The winner: Elena Semikina
1st Runner-up: Aleksandra Malkin
2nd Runner-up: Ashley Callingbull
3rd Runner-up: Neda-Derakhshanfar
4th Runner-up: Zahra-Al-Aubiydy

More photos from the Miss Universe Canada finals last night.


Courtesy of The Lion's Den University


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ilovebeauty56: http://www.pinoyexchange.com/
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