If I were a judge: Miss America 2015

Miss America 2015 will be crowned on September 14. 53 young ladies representing the 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands will compete for the 94th Miss America title. The ladies have been competing for the past week and several preliminary winners have been chosen. Now it's time for the big night. Who will be the next Miss America? If I were a judge:

Miss America 2015: Miss Georgia, Maggie Bridges

1st runner-up: Miss Nebraska, Megan Swanson

2nd runner-up: Miss Missouri, Jessica Hartman

3rd runner-up: Miss Ohio, Mackenzie Bart

4th runner-up: Miss Hawaii, Stephanie Kainoa Steuri

Top 10:
6th place: Miss South Carolina, Lanie Hudson

7th place: Miss Pennsylvania, Amanda Fallon Smith

8th place: Miss Florida, Victoria Cowen

9th place: Miss Michigan, KT Maviglia

10th place: Miss Alabama, Caitlin Brunell

Top 15:
11th place: Miss Rhode Island, Ivy Depew

12th place: Miss Texas, Monique Evans

13th place: Miss Nevada, Ellie Smith

14th place: Miss Puerto Rico, Yarelis Salgado

15th place: Miss Oklahoma, Alex Eppler

Miss Alaska, Malie Delgado

Miss Connecticut, Accacia Courtney
Photos courtesy of Miss America Organization

The Beginning of the End? Miss Universe skips a year - postponed to 2015

The mayor of Doral, Florida announced on Friday that the next Miss Universe Pageant will be held on January 18, 2015 in Doral. This means that no edition of the pageant will be held in 2014. Members of the Miss Universe Organization, including MUO president, Paula Shugart, and the reigning Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler from Venezuela, met with officials in Florida on Friday. A press conference will be held soon where more details will be given. It is yet unclear whether this pageant will be Miss Universe 2014 or Miss Universe 2015. Regardless of the outcome, things are not looking good for the Miss Universe Organization and we hope they will get their act together.

Nora Xu wins Miss Universe China 2014

Nora Xu (19) defeated 14 other delegates last night to be crowned Miss Universe China 2014. She stands 1.77m tall and will represent China at the next Miss Universe Pageant on January 18 in Doral, Florida. The first runner-up was Hu Yanliang and the second runner-up was Katrina Peng. Jemila finished in fourth place and Vivi Tian finished in fifth place.
Too bad the first runner-up did not win. Nora is pretty but the runner-up would have been a much better choice. Still, Nora could be groomed to do well.

Miss World Spain 2014 Crowned

20 year old Lourdes Rodrigues, Miss Castilla La Mancha, was crowned Miss World Spain 2014 last night. She stands 1.75m tall and will now start preparing to represent Spain at this year's Miss World Pageant in December. Spain achieved their highest placement in many years last year when their delegates placed 4th in Miss World.

The first runner-up was Miss Las Palmas, Lorea Gonzalez, and the second runner-up was Miss Alicante, Estefania Martinez. The delegates from Malaga, Extremadura, Madrid, Sevilla, and Cadiz completed the top 8.
Gorgeous girl. Spain should do well again!

Miss Paraguay 2014: Results

Sally Jara (20) was crowned Miss Universe Paraguay 2014 last night. She will represent Paraguay at the next Miss Universe Pageant on January 18 in Doral, Florida, USA.
At the same event, Myriam Arevalos (20) was crowned Miss World Paraguay 2014. She will travel to London, England in November where she will try to become the next Miss World.

Jessica Servin (23) was crowned Miss International Paraguay 2014 and Sendy Caceres (25) was crowned Miss Earth Paraguay 2014.

The runners-up were Laura Garcete (1st), Silfide Villalba (2nd), and Giovanna Cordeiro (3rd).
Good choices for Universe and World! International is good too!

Miss World Singapore 2014

Dalreena Poonam Gill (20) was crowned Miss World Singapore 2014 last night. She will represent Singapore at Miss World 2014. Gill stands 1.71m tall. Kimberley Lam finished in second place and Louissa Lavnea Thomas finished in third place.
Nope. A miss for Singapore!

Miss World South Sudan 2014

19 year old Awien Bol Kuanyin-Agoth was crowned Miss World South Sudan 2014. She will represent her country at the next Miss World Pageant on December 14 in London, England. The first runner-up was Mariam Nyagach and the second runner-up was Salwa Ajuong.